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PRE-SALE: Baby Babue Carrier for Infants (Wrap-Style Straps)

PRE-SALE: Baby Babue Carrier for Infants (Wrap-Style Straps)

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*All of our carriers are half buckle carriers and include our one-of-a-kind torso support strap!

    Introducing the Baby Babue Carrier – Designed by an Occupational Therapist, Crafted for Your Comfort.

     1. Perfect for Newborns: Suitable for newborns weighing 8lbs and up to a generous 45lbs capacity.

     2. Supportive Waistband: Features a wide and supportive waistband made of two types of foam. Soft middle section for your comfort when sitting, and firm sides for added stability. Designed to sit on your hips, leveraging the strength of your hip joint.

    3. Caring Waistband Design: Crafted by Busi, an Occupational Therapist with personal Caesarian section experiences. Tailored to ensure optimal comfort for moms, especially those recovering from C-sections. The middle section of the waistband features soft foam, provides a comforting hug similar to a belly band. Ideal for post-Caesarian recovery, offering gentle support and comfort.

    4. Pelvic Floor Health: Strategically sits on your hips, avoiding direct pressure on the stomach. A mindful design that minimizes downward pressure, supporting your pelvic floor health.

    5. Size Inclusivity: Waistband fits XS-XXXL clothing sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for every mom. 

     6. Adjustable Panel: Adaptable panel grows with your child. Seat adjuster ensures your baby sits comfortably, and height adjusters allow perfect positioning. 

     7. Versatile Headrest: Soft, breathable foam headrest designed to evolve with your child. Accommodates involuntary head movements and low muscle neck tone. Easily folds down and adjusts to fit your baby snugly, accommodating their growth.

     8. Innovative Torso Support Strap: Patented strap offloads weight from shoulders for extended comfort. Biomechanically designed to bring your baby's weight closer, lightening the load. Especially supportive for children with low trunk muscle tone, maintaining a neutral position. 

     9. Wide Wrap Style Straps: Made with wide wrap style straps that mold perfectly around your body. Allows creative tying variations for a personalized and comfortable fit. 
    Choose the Baby Babue Carrier – Where thoughtful design meets your comfort, making your baby-carrying experience a joy.
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