Busi's Story

About Us

Busi's journey started out of frustration. She realized that as her son grew, the carriers on the market at the time didn't support her functional needs. Conventional carriers were putting most of the weight on her shoulders and were impractical to wear while going about day-to-day activities. Busi is no different from the typical modern-day woman with a busy job, endless chores, and a family to love and bond with. She had the cultural experience of being raised in Zimbabwe where mothers carry babies all day, comfortably, while also caring and providing for their families. 

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She decided to hire an experienced seamstress to create a babycarrier of her own that suited her needs, using her experience as an Occupational Therapist to come up with the design. Her son and her enjoyed the carrier so much, that as he aged she developed a toddler carrier as well. It allowed her to cook and do other household chores without straining her back and shoulders. She was also able to carry her son for longer periods of time, especially on the weekend, when she ran a lot of her errands. He would even take naps in it!

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Busi's been a licensed Occupational Therapist for ten years. As an Occupational Therapist she understands that maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system is important, as it promotes joint health which is integral to a high quality of life and wellbeing.This is why Busi developed the Babuebaby Carrier - a universal baby carrier that was created for families of all cultures and children of varying needs.

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Babuebaby uses an evidence-based approach that helps maintain musculoskeletal health in caregivers so that they will not be impacted by joint pain as they age. The carriers are designed specifically to ensure that pressure is offloaded from the shoulders and evenly distributed around the torso and hips, because the hip is the most stable load-bearing joint. This way of carrying ensures your comfort and safety.

The carriers are stylish and allow carrying of babies and children up to 65 pounds. It offers a height-adjustable headrest, designed to grow with your child. It's equipped with lateral supports to ensure that pressure is off-loaded from your shoulders. This improves your posture and allows you to carry your child for longer periods of time without strain. The lateral supports also ensure that you're able to carry your child as close as you'd like, which essentially lightens the weight of the child. They also prevent your child from moving side to side while you're carrying them, thereby providing a very efficient carry.

It's Babuebaby's mission to take the load off of caregivers, and to keep children comfortable, supported, and soothed.