Our Fabric...

Not only are we set apart because our company was founded, and our carriers designed, by an Occupational Therapist, but the values we uphold influence our decisions in every area of the design process, including how we source our materials.



Babuebaby's mission is ultimately bring people and cultures together via love for our neighbour - to do good, both on a micro and macro scale.

We are intentional in our decision-making and have ensured complete transparency within our supply chain process. Waste is reduced by certifying that all scraps are utilized for other projects.

Our fabric is biodegradable, ethically-sourced, 100% cotton, and consists of all-natural dyes.

These artisans are masters of their craft and are compensated fairly for their hardwork.



We wish to connect people from all across the globe, to bring joy to the lives of others, to serve the underserved, and to reestablish a sense of unity in an otherwise divided world.

Everyone has value, and we want to encourage and support individuals on their journey, whatever that may be. We wish for them to know that they are treasured, important, and part of a bigger picture.

As a business, we've embedded the core value of "love" into our operations so that every decision is made with intention - intention to do good whenever and wherever we can.