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BigKid Half Buckle Narrow Padded Straps Babue Carrier - Maddox Print

BigKid Half Buckle Narrow Padded Straps Babue Carrier - Maddox Print

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Introducing the BigKid Babue Half Buckle Woven Fabric Carrier – Where Tradition Meets Innovation!


Inspired by the rich traditions of African Mbereko and traditional African Torso Wearing our baby carrier seamlessly blends the convenience of a standard buckle waistband with the versatility of wide fabric tie straps. Crafted with love and precision, this carrier offers an extraordinary level of comfort and adaptability, ensuring both you and your precious little one experience moments of pure joy.


  • Versatile Wrap-Style Shoulder Straps: Our carrier features wide, wrap-style fabric shoulder straps that can be creatively tied into various finishes, such as backpack-style variations, sternum twists, crossed straps, Tibetan knotless finishes, and knotted Tibetan finishes. It's the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to customize your carrying experience.


  • Three Points of Support: Unlike traditional buckle carriers, wraps, or half buckle carriers, our innovative design offers three points of support, ensuring that tension is distributed exactly where it's needed for ultimate comfort and security.


  • Ergonomic Carry Positions: Whether you prefer front, hip, or back carrying, our carrier can do it all. Easily adjust it to accommodate your baby's feeding needs, and enjoy the intimacy of contact naps that support their recommended 14–17 hours of sleep.


  • Thoughtful Adjustments for Growth: As your child grows, our carrier grows with them. It boasts an adjustable headrest to match their changing height, a panel width that narrows for infants and widens as they grow, and an adjustable panel height to accommodate their increasing height.


  • Luxurious Fabric: Crafted from premium 100% cotton woven fabric and adorned with stunning 100% cotton African print, our carrier combines durability and style. It molds comfortably to any body shape, providing the utmost in softness and comfort.


  • Handmade with Love: Every component of our carrier is hand-cut and lovingly crafted by our experienced artisan with over 12 years of expertise in baby carrier creations. We take pride in ensuring that every carrier reflects the care and devotion you and your baby deserve.


At BabueBabue, we believe that your body and your baby are sacred. That's why we pour our hearts into creating carriers that embody the utmost care, comfort, and style. Discover the joy of carrying your baby in the BigKid Babue Half Buckle Woven Fabric Carrier and experience the tradition of African Torso Wearing elevated to new heights of innovation.


Handle your sacred moments with love and care, just as they deserve. 

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