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BigKid Half Buckle Narrow Padded Straps Babue Carrier: Olive

BigKid Half Buckle Narrow Padded Straps Babue Carrier: Olive

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A blend of traditional knowledge and modern engineering, the Babuebaby Carrier is unlike other carriers and slings that put stress on your upper body. Instead, it uses your whole torso and hips to their best advantage.


Introducing our remarkable new baby carrier that's designed to revolutionize your parenting journey making it an essential companion for modern parents. Crafted with care and consciousness, the fabric used in our carrier is ethically sourced from Zimbabwe, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices. We take pride in using cotton grown in Zimbabwe, ensuring a soft and comfortable experience for both you and your little ones.


Every step of our production process embodies a global village spirit. Our components are meticulously hand-cut right here in Canada, where skilled artisans lovingly handcraft each carrier. This dedication results in a truly sacred product that's designed to support the nurturing of our future leaders while keeping caregivers content and comfortable. As you embrace the extraordinary connection between you and your babies, our carrier will be there every step of the way, embodying the essence of love and care that goes into its creation. Discover the beauty of tandem wearing with a carrier that's not just a product, but a labor of love and a testament to the global community we all share.


  • The carrier is size inclusive 
  • Made from 100% cotton for strength, comfort, and breathability
  • Patented Technology
  • Equally comfortable for adults and children
  • Designed for all-day use 
  • Washable
  • Versatile wrap straps for you to incorporate different wrap variation styles (eg sternum twist, backpack style, crossed straps, etc)
  • It's designed with 3 points of support

1. Secondary: central strap above the bust

2. Primary: reinforced strap over hips

3. Shoulder straps for stability



Minimum weight recommendation: 18 pounds Weight Capacity: 65lbs

Wearing Positions: Back and Side Carry

From Toddler and Up


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